Anarchy strength and how we got started

It all started when i got paid off from the oil industry due to the fall in oil price and thousands of us loosing our jobs.

Me being who I am when I’m down I hit the gym and train and with having no work in the pipeline i got to spend a lot of time in the gym HAPPY DAYS !! so not one to sit on my arse and whinge about there being no work available i began thinking of ways to fill my time .

My first idea came about of making strongman equipment as I’m a time served fabricator and I’m quite handy when it comes to making things ,now the lads in the local gym The Fitness rooms had been after a hussafell stone for a while so up steps me “I can do that no bother ” and so was created my first hussafell stone and what we thought would be the company name “stones of anarchy ” but not wanting to be sued of some big corporation we through some ideas around until ” ANARCHY STRENGTH ” evolved from the many daft names  .

Strongman clothing and gym apparel

Then the idea to start a Strongman clothing and gym apparel company was thought up by me (anyone who knows me knows that i wake up in the night with many ideas and generally text the folk who i think care to notify them of said idea ) Tony Rice (aka BIG T ) and David spark ( aka sparky ) are these said folk ha ha  to there disappointment sometimes

Now this brought a whole new onslaught of challenges me being a rig pig for many years and not having a clue where to start a clothing company , but I new what i wanted to achieve and i had the drive and determination to go for it and with the support of family and friends ” Anarchy Strength strongman clothing ” started its journey to make a stamp in the strongman clothing , strongman apparel  scene .