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Strongman clothing and gym apparel taking over the strength and fitness scene HOW WE STARTED

Anarchy strength and how we got started

It all started when i got paid off from the oil industry due to the fall in oil price and thousands of us loosing our jobs.

Me being who I am when I’m down I hit the gym and train and with having no work in the pipeline i got to spend a lot of time in the gym HAPPY DAYS !! so not one to sit on my arse and whinge about there being no work available i began thinking of ways to fill my time .

My first idea came about of making strongman equipment as I’m a time served fabricator and I’m quite handy when it comes to making things ,now the lads in the local gym The Fitness rooms had been after a hussafell stone for a while so up steps me “I can do that no bother ” and so was created my first hussafell stone and what we thought would be the company name “stones of anarchy ” but not wanting to be sued of some big corporation we through some ideas around until ” ANARCHY STRENGTH ” evolved from the many daft names  .

Strongman clothing and gym apparel

Then the idea to start a Strongman clothing and gym apparel company was thought up by me (anyone who knows me knows that i wake up in the night with many ideas and generally text the folk who i think care to notify them of said idea ) Tony Rice (aka BIG T ) and David spark ( aka sparky ) are these said folk ha ha  to there disappointment sometimes

Now this brought a whole new onslaught of challenges me being a rig pig for many years and not having a clue where to start a clothing company , but I new what i wanted to achieve and i had the drive and determination to go for it and with the support of family and friends ” Anarchy Strength strongman clothing ” started its journey to make a stamp in the strongman clothing , strongman apparel  scene .

North west Strength Expo 2017


Anarchy Strength is very proud to announce after a great discussion with Dan Kenny from northwest monsters that we are going to be apart of the very first Northwest Strength expo 2017 in Manchester on the 2nd and 3rd September

Northwest Monsters and Big Ben Products bring you a weekend packed full of all things strength like nothing you’ve seen before. Visitor challenges, seminars, meet & greets plus giveaways will be happening all weekend.
Plenty to do for all ages and abilities, bring the family along

We will be there with all our clothing range and a sample of some of our equipment for a have a go competition we are very excited about being part of this event

hope to see you all there follow the link to see whats on and whats happening

See you all there ANARCHY IS COMING !!!!

Dead-lift Championship

North of England: 
Dead-lift Championship.


Anyone up for the challenge?!
All of the information is in the poster really but I’ll add a bit more seeing as I like to chat!


The Fitness Rooms
–  Benton

Address: Unit 6 Chollerton Drive North Tyneside Industrial Estate,
Newcastle upon Tyne, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 9SZ

The event is being sponsored by Anarchy Strength!


C’mon guys!
Who’s up for it? Show us what you’re made of & get involved!

Do not hesitate to comment or get in touch for further information.


Author – Happie Uppal

UK’s Truck Pulling Championship

Man VS Machine

The latest event sponsored by Anarchy Strength!

The event was run by North east strongman promotions.
2016 truck pull championships was held at the Barnard castle truck show 2016.
Anarchy Strength sponsored this awesome event and would like to say a big thank you to Mark Lawson for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a great event.

UK’s Truck Pulling Championship video

A round of applause to the winners!

* Ladies under 80kg – Jenny Todd
* Ladies open – Donna Moore
* Men under 110kg – Johnny Crossling
* Mens open – Rob morgan
* Mens masters – Andrew Kennedy
** Andrew Kennedy doing event this for a great charity – the Teenage Cancer Trust
Andrew’s Just Giving page

Kudos & a round of applause to those from team Anarchy Strength!

Big T – Came 2nd in his weight category
Chris – Came 5th in his weight category

Congratulations! I look forward to all of the future events & competitions!
I’m sure they will be many more to come, c’monnn team Anarchy!

Author – Happie Uppal

Bicep Tendonitis

Bicep tendonitis is a very common injury within Strongman competitors and if not treated correctly it can lead to further injury such as complete bicep tendon ruptures and rotator cuff tears. Unfortunately, strongman training programmes puts the individual at almost 2 times more likely to sustain and injury than when performing traditional exercises. However you can’t stop training just because of that!

So what can we do to help reduce this injury risk?


Bicep tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon of the biceps tendon. Tendonitis is caused through degeneration of the tendon due to overuse or irritation.

For the strongman there are two locations were this inflammation usually occurs – the proximal and distal bicep tendon. Those suffering from bicep tendonitis will feel a deep, dull throbbing pain at the front of the shoulder or within the elbow/forearm.

Acute Injury Care     

Managing the pain can be through resting the joint, using ice, compression and taking anti-inflammatories.


Bicep tendinitis can usually be managed without surgery, however for some injections of a local anaesthetic and steroid may be used such as corticosteroid. Speak to your GP if this is the route you wish to go down.

Ultimately, manual and exercise therapy treatments are the way to achieve lasting pain-free results.

  • Massage therapy by professional Graduate Sports Therapist of Physiotherapist can help reduce pain and improve range of motion.
  • Self-myofascial release through the use of a wooden spoon handle or small ball can also help to reduce the symptoms.
  • Tape – a temporary, but perhaps helpful method of support during competition. The use of Kinesio Tape is one possibility, however whether the tape remains in one place when carrying atlas stones or hussafells is questionable.IMG_0783
  • Rehabilitation –
    • Strengthening the biceps and rotator cuff should be performed once the shoulder or forearm is pain free. Exercises should be performed to build joint stability and stabilisation of the scapular. Weaknesses in these areas can lead to tendonitis.

    • The wrist flexors are often overworked and the extensors underworked. Therefore it is important to ensure even balance, thus extensor exercises should be added to reduce this imbalance and increase grip strength. A very easy exercise to perform throughout the day is the rubber band extension. Wrap a strong elastic band around the fingers. Open your hands, hold for a couple of seconds and slowly close. Repeat this and see the results!
  • Modify training and workload with coach – perhaps over training is what caused your injury. Training hard, putting everything in every session isn’t the smart way to train. We know better. Meet your coach, talk about your strengths, weaknesses, and your next meet and build a proper programme. Clever planning can enable you to reach higher performance goals and reduce the risk of injury.


The prevention and injury management techniques do not differ greatly from one another.

A comprehensive strengthening programme, combined with good technique can help to prevent injury. Programmes should follow a periodised approach to ensure adequate loading and rest. Seek a good coach to do this.

Additionally, supplementary training at vulnerable areas can reduce injury risk. Take a look at the above methods which you can begin to introduce.

Last, but not least, an appropriate warm up should be followed to ensure individuals bodies are of a suitable temperature prior to training or competition.


Have you experienced Bicep Tendonitis? How did you treat it? Tell us below in the comments !


Written by Ellie (Performance Sports Therapy)

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